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HomeoPlusTM is a Homeopathic practice management software. Everyone familiar with a computer at the level of editing documents and sending e-mails will find HomeoPlusTM natural and easy to use.
HomeoPlusTM can greatly benefit:
check Any Homeopathic Doctor that uses a computer in his/her everyday practice
check Offices that operate with small number of additional personal (assistants, secretaries, accountants)
check Multi-site practices where the Homeopathic Doctor has more than one office
check Organizations that do research in Homeopathy for the purpose of pushing the envelope of knowledge
"HomeoPlus is a marvelous addition to our armementarium.We can take the case,highlight as we wish,add digital photo in the text of the case and record the case while marking the important segments of conversation for easy retrieval. Imagine the situation where the patient does not respond or for the sake of accuracy we wish we could review exactly what the patient had said and the way they said it-now you can and its so easy even I could do it with little training.We have the capability to scan in documents,old files etc so that wherever you are with your computer you have a vivid and complete case-ready to respond to patients need.The program enables us to keep track of prescriptions,dates,bookeeping and inventory. Next the people from HomeoPlus team are excellent instructors in the use of the program and I felt thoroughly supported in this learning curve.I am very enthused by your creative vision for this new and powerful program. Thank you. "
Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, Ontario, Canada
"HomeoPlus is nice. It is a very nice software because it brings everything in front of the Homeopath. For people in some part of the world (in North America) perhaps it would also be useful in helping with the remedies management and with the accounting"
Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Mumbai, India
"Discovering HomeoPlusTM was the next big thing after learning Homeopathy"
Dr. Cristina B, Toronto, Ontario
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