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Why HomeoPlusTM ?

HomeoPlusTM is a software that unifies into a single entity the activities that are related to the complex relationship between the patient and the Homeopathic Doctor.

HomeoPlusTM is loaded with features and has everything that the Homeopathic practitioner needs, allowing him/her to:

  • Capture all the data about the patient on one page.
  • Send the forms that the patient needs to fill out in advance before coming for the first visit.
  • Import the Questionnaire that the patient has filled before coming into the office.
  • Record the medical history of the patient.
  • Make a prescription and order the remedy directly from the provider via E-mail.
  • Keep track of the remedies that are in the stock.
  • Maintain the stock of remedies to a level that is controlled by the Homeopath.
  • Keep track of the payments that are made by the patient.
  • Handle the tax portion of the payments made to the Homeopath
  • Find out which patient owes money to the office and how much.
  • Allow the Homeopath to easily see what the effect of giving a specific prescription to the patient was.
  • Compare for research purposes what symptoms have been found, what remedies have been prescribed and what the results were.

To accomplish all these tasks, usually an Assistant, an Accountant and a Secretary are needed to help the Homeopath.

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