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About Us

The history of HomeoPlusTM
HomeoPlusTM started as an attempt to naturally fill a gap in the way homeopathic treatment happens today. It was not targeted as a product by itself, but as a tool that gradually and constantly grew into something that we believe every Homeopath will benefit from. Unlike many other software products, HomeoPlusTM was developed at slow pace (for almost 2 years) with constant feedback from our Homeopath who was the most important part of the development team. It was decided to be turned into a product and deployed worldwide when we realized that it will be of great help to every Homeopath.

The HomeoPlusTM team
We at HomeoPlus are unique in the sense that we cover (expertise wise) three areas:

  • Homeopathy.
  • Mathematics.
  • Computer Science.
The heart of HomeoPlusTM has been built by people that together have more than 50 years of experience in Homeopathy, Mathematical modelling and Computer Science, that hold PhD or Master of Science degrees from well-recognized universities.
Based in Toronto, Canada we have followed the guidelines and standards of quality requested by the professional organizations that we are members of.

The meaning of our tagline
Although the era of computers has helped Homeopathy with database searching software, before HomeoPlusTM was created there was not much help in the way the consultation itself was carried out.
HomeoPlusTM allows the Homeopath to virtually recreate a consultation as it happened, at any time, anywhere.
We believe that we have accomplished the goal of "merging an old science (Homeopathy) with a new technology (from Mathematical modelling and Computer Science).
Merging an old science with a new technology represents for us not a marketing bullet but the essence of our product.

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